Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Halloween

I know it has been awhile since my last post, but I have been busy making things for my next few posts! Halloween is one of my fav holidays I love being able to dress up and be whoever you want for one night and get away with it. I especially love handing out candy and seeing what all the kids dress up as. I had alot of cute ones this year but I think 2 of my favs were a Southern Bell and a Avatar. I'm so silly every time I would come back from the door I would tell Jimmy (my husband) what everyone was in that group. He thinks I'm still a kid at heart. Anyway I also love Halloween because of the fun foods and not to mention all the sweets you get to eat and not worry about a thing! So I made a couple of treats to eat for the night after dinner to enjoy while watching the football game and passing out candy. It just so happened that the Steelers played Halloween night, it was fun seeing how creative the costumes were at the game. Here are the treats I made (as well as having a couple pieces of candy) hehe.

Sinister Salsas Is that pebbly sludge, dredged up from a nearby swamp, or creamy guacamole studded with black beans and minced chiles?

Chocolate Fondue This is a must for Halloween night! I served it with bananas, apples, spiced pound cake cubes, vanilla wafers, and gram crackers YUM.

Here are pics of our pumpkins that we carved, see if you can guess which one is Jimmy's? The white pumpkin was the coolest pumpkin ever! When I first cut it open it smelled like a delicious cucumber melon. I saved a few seeds to see if I can grown one of my own or if where I got it from had to mix some seeds together to get it. Guess I will find out next fall. :)

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